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Heating and Central Air Conditioning repair service Saskatoon, SK 
Dont' be left out in the cold or Bake in the heat this summer!


Your home Heating & Cooling specialists!

General Gas Contractor for all your home, office, business needs.

You will never be left out in the cold  or bake in the summer with MWK heating & Cooling 24 Hr furnace and A/C  repair service. 24 hours a day we are on the road for all our new and existing clients doing furnace and A/C  repair in Saskatoon. We do have a few rules of thumb when it comes to service the elderly come first, then people with kids. 

All of our Heating Technicians are trained and certified. There is not a problem that we will not figure out. 24 hrs a day service in the winter providing one of the best furnace repair service in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. WE offer a Fast, Friendly, Reliable service, reasonable priced that can't be beat.   


For the summer and winter  MWK Heating & Cooling LTD has some great package deals available. If your Looking to upgrade your Furnace, Water Heater & Central Air Conditioning call us to book your in Home free estimate today. We will make you a great deal at a reasonable price.  Award winning contractor on  Contractors in Saskatoon Saskatchewan in the Heating & Cooling Industry feel free to read are reviews. Call for free estimate at 306-220-7584   

MWK Heating and Cooling LTD  Saskatoon SK Offers 24 Hour residential furnace repair  and same day A/C service! We also offer same day replacement water heaters.

MWK Heating & Cooling LTD is a Licensed, Bonded and Insured, General Gas Contractor in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. We can handle all types of jobs big or small, from Residential to Commercial and Industrial. Gas fitting  for residential, commercial, Industrial.

     Servicing all types of Gas fired equipment.

Residential Home Heating, Large Commercial Rooftop Units, Industrial Vaporizers, Gas Pipe Lines, Underground Gas Lines, Commercial Boilers and all types of Industrial pipe fitting applications.

     We also have many other services available to help you with all of your home heating or cooling needs. We install and service commercial kitchens, Ventilation and HVAC.

     Natural gas pipelines and industrial applications. Pipe fitting, HDPE or MDPE Butt Fusion and Electrofusion 

     Our 24 Hour emergency Furnace repair service is one of the best in Saskatoon. 

We also do residential Furnace Installation of High efficiency furnaces, Residential & Commercial water heaters, and HVAC repair services for commercial and large pipe line installation and industrial repair.

     Known for our residential service, though we work on larger industrial gas lines, being one of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan General Gas Contractors, licensed through Sask Power and Government of Saskatchewan  Our  electrofusion  gas lines are leading the industry.

     Taking great pride in our work is what we offer, always with the customers best intentions. When you're looking for a New furnace , Garage Heater, Water Heater, Boiler or a new HVAC unit for your home or commercial business, why call anyone else than a contractor that cares for your project as much as you do.

     We only install top of the line products at reasonable prices to offer you worry free Heating & Cooling, with some of the best warranties on the market today. Our friendly staff will insure you get only what you need at a reasonable price.

     Our new home improvement program covers all types of jobs, even though we are known for being a Specialist in the Heating and Cooling industries. We can tackle any type of job with confidence as our journeymen are some of the best in the business.

Michael the director and CEO of MWK Heating & Cooling LTD has been in the Heating and Cooling Industry since the age of 14. With more than 33 years of experience as a Service Heating Technician and General Gas fitter, Class A or G1. There is not a problem that he cannot figure out. Michael studied at George Brown  College and graduated with honors under John Dutton The outermost expert  on the Fundamentals of Natural Gas. In Fact all Gas fitters in Canada study from these books and Michael had the privilege of being his student.  


So why wait any longer if you're looking for the best contractor at a reasonable price. 

                                MWK Heating and Cooling has just what you need!

Call today for your free estimate!

Larger projects please fell free to contact us directly or by email at

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If you're in need of furnace or A/C  repair call 24 hours a day we offer after hours. 

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